Professional Education

At Spectra Support Services LLC, we wish to build a community of professionals that is responsive to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities and their families.  We offer monthly newsletters as well as individual and group supervision for Master's level licensing for LPC, LCSW, and MFT.  We offer internships to Master's level social work and counseling students.

We also appreciate the chance to come to your organization and share our knowledge.  

Some potential topics include:

Many Faces of Anxiety  This presentation focuses on the current research on the relationship of anxiety and ADHD and ASD and its impact on academic and social functioning. 
Zones of Regulation This presentation reviews the basics of emotional regulation struggles for students and offers an overview of the Zones of Regulation curriculum by Leah Kupers and practical strategies for implementation.

Surrounded by the Spectrum
This presentation examines the family dynamics unique to families with disabilities, and specifically to families with ASD. Ideas for improving family communication and deepening relationships are presented.   Ways for professionals to support families and available referral resources are discussed.   Social Skills Parents Can Teach
The role of parents in implementing "social thinking" and everyday decision making in their general interactions with their children are presented. Practical strategies for professionals to give parents to continue their interventions are discussed.
Finding Focus
Offers professionals background and current research on the reasons children get distracted.  A basic orientation to executive function is presented.  Everyday "home goals" are suggested that can be easily implemented by parents to help their children to accomplish homework, chores, and other tasks from which they are easily distracted. Creating collaboration This session suggests strategies for strengthening the home-school-community collaboration to affect the best outcomes for the child/student.  A focus on community resources and understanding “the system” is presented. Can be targeted to specific age groups. 


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