As children grow, typically their needs change and grow.  Our supports, for this age seek to help families and children to prepare for increasing academic, emotional, and social demands.  Such supports might include individual or family counseling services as well as disability services.


We provide many resources to local education and social service providers  as well as individual practitioners to assist them in staying up to date on the latest research and evidenced-based practices.


Many adults and families experience confusion in accessing the adult supports as well as the reality of the lack of them.  We partner with adults and their families to develop a plan toward independence.

Many families find their way to us during this challenging transition.  We educate the adolescent and parent about the interplay between adolescence and other challenges they face and assist in building a bridge to adult supports.


Many families worry about the effect that having a sibling with a disability will have on the typically-developing sibling. We offer sibling-specific programs and seminars for siblings age 6- adult. For caregivers, we offer parenting resources, support groups, seminars and tips to help you support and attend to the needs of each member of the family.

We seek to help children heal and realize their potential. Our children’s supports begin at diagnosis and focus on familiarizing the family with the diagnosis and complimenting early intervention, wrap-around, community and school-based services.


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