Our social worker Carrie Kozub, MSS offers families of tweens, teens, and young adults a private-pay Family Navigation consultation service.  Cost is $100 for initial consult and $75 per hour for future consults.  Carrie and our social workers can help you and your loved one in the following areas:
  • Transition planning
  • Introduction to Adult Services: General overview and specifics to what you/your loved one is eligible for
  • Referrals to experts in areas of: financial planning, applying for SSI, education consultation
  • Referrals to support groups and on-line resources
  • Assistance with applications to: Medical Assistance, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and Waiver programs
  • General coordination of current services received from other providers
  • Person-centered planning

Contact Carrie at carrie@spectrapa.com or 484-450-6476, ext. 716

Family Navigation